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April 2019 • Featured Writer

Cynthia Patton in front of a brick wall, with arms crossed, wearing a wine-colored dress shirt

Cynthia Patton 

"I wandered the moonscape, stumbling over / silence, dragging my grief—ox at the plow."

From "This Is What Happened"

Cynthia J. Patton is an attorney and founder of the nonprofit, Autism A to Z. Her award-winning work has appeared in twelve anthologies plus numerous publications as well as onstage. Her poetry collection, Across An Aqueous Moon: Travels in Autism, was published in 2016. The Northern California native currently serves as the City of Livermore’s Poet Laureate and is completing a memoir on her unconventional journey to motherhood. Learn more at

We chose Cynthia for our April featured writer because it's Autism Awareness month. Read our interview with Cynthia.  And start your Plume subscription by March 25, 2019 for more from Cynthia.

March 2019 • Featured Writer: Michelle Otero


"Today her descendants grind

teeth and bone, speak

incomplete stories."

From "Sestina Azteca"

Michelle Otero is a writer, facilitator, and coach.  She is the author of Malinche’s Daughter, an essay collection based on her work with women survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Oaxaca, Mexico as a Fulbright Fellow. Her work has appeared on the Modern Love Podcast and in New Mexico Magazine, Brevity, and El Malpaís Review. She is a member of the Macondo Writers’ Workshop and a founding member of the TIASO Artist’s Cooperative and Hembras de Pluma, an indigenous and women of color theatre group.  Originally from Deming, New Mexico, Michelle holds a B.A. in History from Harvard University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Vermont College.  Michelle Otero is Albuquerque's Poet Laureate and you can read our interview on our blog. 

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