An Interview with Jennifer Jordán Schaller

By Melanie Unruh | April 2, 2019

As we enter into April, we wanted to share this interview with creative nonfiction dynamo, Jennifer Jordán Schaller, who is Plume’s featured writer for May. I met Jennifer because we both teach writing at the same community college, and I have to say that she is as kind as she is talented. Recently, Plume had … Read moreAn Interview with Jennifer Jordán Schaller

An Interview with Cynthia Patton

By Melanie Unruh | March 12, 2019

Our featured writer for April is Cynthia Patton, an accomplished essayist and poet. Cynthia tackles very personal topics in her writing, and we are so honored that she wanted to share this beautiful work with our Plume community. We hope you enjoy our interview with her! Plume: When did you know you were a writer? … Read moreAn Interview with Cynthia Patton

An Interview with Michelle Otero

By Melanie Unruh | February 5, 2019

My second year of my MFA program my advisor, Greg Martin, went on sabbatical and Michelle Otero joined the department as a visiting writer to teach the creative nonfiction workshop. She was super nice but I’d come to New Mexico for a REAL graduate school experience, which in my mind meant tough critique, no kid … Read moreAn Interview with Michelle Otero

An Interview with Maria DeBlassie

By Melanie Unruh | January 10, 2019

Our February featured writer is Maria DeBlassie, author of the newly-released book Everyday Enchantments. We are so excited to welcome Maria to the Plume family and to share her enchanting (okay, we had to!) work with you. Be sure to check out our Instagram post from January 5th to find out how you could win … Read moreAn Interview with Maria DeBlassie

Julia Halprin Jackson, smiling in a striped shirt

An Interview with Julia Halprin Jackson

By Melanie Unruh | November 6, 2018

I first met Julia Halprin Jackson in the spring of 2005 in Granada, Spain. We were both in college and enrolled in a study abroad program, and spent the next five months learning about this beautiful city and country, as explorers and writers. Julia has a very generous spirit, which I can see clearly in … Read moreAn Interview with Julia Halprin Jackson

Samantha Tetangco, smiling and looking into the distance with a waterway behind her

An Interview with Samantha Tetangco

By Melanie Unruh | October 2, 2018

Hello, friends! Today’s interview is with Samantha Tetangco, Plume’s upcoming featured writer for November. I met Samantha (or Sam, as she tends to go by when not publishing) at the beginning of my MFA program in the fall of 2007. Right away I knew I had met a kindred writing spirit. Sam is such a … Read moreAn Interview with Samantha Tetangco

An Interview with Tanaya Winder

By Melanie Unruh | September 4, 2018

Hello, Plumers! Our August/September edition has just shipped, which means we’re hard at work on October’s offerings! Plume’s next featured creative writer is Tanaya Winder, a writer, educator, motivational speaker, and performance poet from the Southern Ute, Duckwater Shoshone, and Pyramid Lake Paiute Nations. Tanaya is a literary force to be reckoned with, and we’re so … Read moreAn Interview with Tanaya Winder

Judy Reeves in jeans and white long-sleeved blouse, standing in front of all wall so it looks like she has white angel wings

An Interview with Judy Reeves

By Melanie Unruh | August 14, 2018

Plume’s upcoming August/September mailing will feature Judy Reeves, a dynamic writer, teacher, and writing practice provocateur. Judy has been a delight to work with, and we’re so excited to share her writing with you! Check out our interview with her to find out why she’s a writer you don’t want to miss! Plume: When did … Read moreAn Interview with Judy Reeves

Interview with Casandra Lopez

By Melanie Unruh | June 4, 2018

As we’ve been working to get Plume out into the world, we have been thinking a lot about how arduous the process of writing and publishing a book can be. To get a recent firsthand account of this process, we conducted a mini interview with Casandra Lopez, who will be an upcoming featured writer with … Read moreInterview with Casandra Lopez

An Interview with Suzanne Richardson

By Jennifer Simpson | December 18, 2018

I met Suzanne in graduate school–she was a year (and a generation) behind me and started out with an emphasis in fiction but soon expanded her studies. I remember one conversation we had. She was complaining about the “old dudes” in her fiction workshop. How they were dismissive of her (and the younger writers).  And … Read moreAn Interview with Suzanne Richardson