Workspace Update

Workspace Update

Back in May I wrote a blog called Spring Cleaning Your Creativity. I always intended to check back in on this topic, namely because my desk, which I consider the central hub of my own creativity, was, well, a giant mess. I put off this update for some time, mostly because I knew I was going to have to move my office space back into my bedroom, as I’m turning the former into a nursery. At long last, I have my space set up the way I like, and in a manner that’s conducive to encouraging my imagination. I thought I’d walk through the different parts of this newly remade space to share some ideas about how to maximize the creativity available in what’s really just a wee corner of a room. 

Surround Yourself with Writerly Books

Small purple bookshelf with reference books and literary magazines stacked on it
All the books!

It can be really inviting and inspiring to have your favorite novels and collections handy, but I also like to keep some often overlooked books by my side. Dictionaries, thesauruses, and style manuals may sound a little drab, but just having them an arm’s length away makes me feel that much more professional. On a day when that doesn’t do the trick, I look just above the dictionary to the hard copies of the literary journals where I’ve placed work in the past. Publication is not the end game of writing, but sometimes just taking a peek at these books and seeing my name and my words printed there, gives me a little boost of inspiration to keep at it.

A Little Wall Magic Can Go a Long Way

Green wall decorated with framed collages and posters.
What’s on your walls?

I had already painted my bedroom this fun, funky shade of green last summer, but once I knew I was moving my office in here, I took some time to select which items would adorn the small, coveted space beside where I work. Ultimately, I chose a caricature of one of my favorite literary heroines*, Arya Stark from the A Song of Ice and Fire books, a poster from my favorite concert (which I actually attended ten years ago with next month’s featured writer, Sam Tetangco!), a sign from my grandparents’ old driveway, a writing collage from my best friend’s mom, and a cheeky needlepoint my best friend made me last year. These images remind me of people, places, and ideas that inspire me. Writing can be such a solitary act, but I can just look up at these images and remember that I’m not alone.

*Some see her as an antihero, but YMMV…

Woman writing "Plume!" with feathery purple pen, a sign that says "Today is the Day", and a calendar in the background
Pops of color never hurt!

Add Some Motivational Touches

On my desk itself, I try not to overload it with too many knick-knacks, but this is still a balance that I’m working on. I enjoy inspirational signs and empowering, if somewhat silly, figurines. These are the things most directly in my line of sight, so I try to pick items that are colorful and that bring a smile to my face if I’m feeling stuck on a draft I’m working on. I also like to rotate these items from time to time, so I don’t get too comfortable or bored. One item I’ve really enjoyed this year is a creativity calendar created by Jill Badonsky. (You can peep it towards the back of the image above) Each month features a quirky seasonal image and a fun quote, and I’ve found it a delightful addition to my desk all year.

I’m sure there are other things I’ll do as I continue to personalize this new home office corner (a.k.a. my creativity hub, which just sounds more fun, right?), but for now, I think I’m off to a good start. Do you have any organizational strategies or creativity touches that you find help inspire you in your work space(s)? Check in with us on TwitterInstagram, and/or Facebook, and don’t forget to sign up for Plume’s November edition by October 25th!