Where to Submit!

close-up of a hand with a brown sleeve turning the pages of a book

When trying to find a home for your writing (if that’s one of your goals), sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming combing through the internet (or books! Remember books with places to submit? If those still exist, I’m sure it’s hard to keep them up to date!). We here at Plume have decided that … Read moreWhere to Submit!

Inspiration in Everyday Life

Do you ever get stuck in your writing? Or have the feeling your life is too boring to inspire your creativity? I think we’ve all been there, but much like the dreaded writer’s block, I don’t think we should let these negative ideas get too comfortable sticking around. We all have our off moments, but … Read moreInspiration in Everyday Life

Writing While Momming

Woman working at high cafe table while her toddler stands beneath it

If you’re a mom, then you know it looms large in your identity. You are the finder of socks! The cutter of crusts! The only one the baby wants to hold him most days. She who carpools everyone to baseball practice and the movies with their friends. I like to think of my motherly identity … Read moreWriting While Momming

An Interview with Jennifer Jordán Schaller

As we enter into April, we wanted to share this interview with creative nonfiction dynamo, Jennifer Jordán Schaller, who is Plume’s featured writer for May. I met Jennifer because we both teach writing at the same community college, and I have to say that she is as kind as she is talented. Recently, Plume had … Read moreAn Interview with Jennifer Jordán Schaller

2019 AWP Survival Guide

Light up Portland, Oregon Old Town Sign with a leaping stag

Hello, Plumesters! It’s already time for the AWP Conference. Some of you may be wondering What’s that? The annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference, as described on its very own website is: “…an essential annual destination for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. Each year more than 12,000 attendees join our community for … Read more2019 AWP Survival Guide

Those Irish Mysteries

Legs of a white woman in black Wellington boots stretched out in a field of green clover

I have never been much of a mystery reader. For whatever reason, I was never drawn to them. Even when I worked in a library, was responsible for displays, and had to make sure one of said displays was always a different flavor of mystery every month, I wasn’t interested. Cozy mysteries? Mysteries with pets? … Read moreThose Irish Mysteries

An Interview with Cynthia Patton

Our featured writer for April is Cynthia Patton, an accomplished essayist and poet. Cynthia tackles very personal topics in her writing, and we are so honored that she wanted to share this beautiful work with our Plume community. We hope you enjoy our interview with her! Plume: When did you know you were a writer? … Read moreAn Interview with Cynthia Patton

The Five Ws of Plume

Typewriter with Plume logo on inserted piece of paper

Hello, friends (a.k.a. Plumesters)! We hope that your transition from winter into spring is going well. Over here at Plume we’re busy with our day-to-day operations and with coming up with new ideas for how to foster a supportive writing community. Sometimes, though, it can be easy to forget to slow down a little and … Read moreThe Five Ws of Plume

Querying Agents

laptop with tea and headphones, screen says "agent wanted"

So, you’ve written a book… If this is the case, first of all–congratulations! Writing a full-length manuscript in any genre is a daunting, all-consuming, audacious task. Be sure to treat yourself to a well-deserved reward.The act of sitting down and doing the thing–writing!–is in some ways the hardest part of being a writer. But then…what … Read moreQuerying Agents